Friday, September 21, 2007

"Peltz At Hand" No More

About a month ago, I decided to retire "Peltz at Hand". I'll continue to blog, but instead of posting in one place on such disparate topics as amateur astronomy and flora & fauna, I will post to separate blogs dedicated to these topics.

For amateur astronomy (and layman's information on celestial events of interest), go to Revolving Rock. For flora, fauna, and amateur naturalism, the new blog will be Biotic Spark.

If you're wondering the reason for the change, it's basically this: I'm exploring the possibility of establishing a wider readership at both blogs, for the eventual purpose of being able to market astronomy- and biology-related "products", one day down the road. (For example, I've noticed that there is at present a lack of interesting science-related toys.)

I will continue to update my Google Reader and feeds with websites of interest. If you want to follow those, there's a site dedicated to that here.

If I ever decide to have a blog with just personal updates and musings on things, I would call it "Peltz the Blog", and it would be found here. FYI.

And have you noticed that there are a lot of funny video clips these days? I have. And so, in keeping with this blog-happiness, there is now also a site dedicated to that.

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