Sunday, August 12, 2007

Lunar Eclipse This Month

Here's a heads up that the Moon will pass through the shadow of the Earth on Tuesday, August 28.

There are always two lunar eclipses per year, some of them total, some of them only partial, and not all of them visible from your location.

If you appreciate experiences of cosmic proportions, you'll find total lunar eclipses especially very beautiful. Not only are they a rare opportunity to directly observe the sphericity of that big rock you call home, but they're also the only way you can experience the sum of all sunrises and sunsets happening on Earth at one moment. (That's why the Moon turns that eerie shade of red-orange! Think about it...)

So, you may find it worth your while to set your alarm and crawl out of bed to have a peek. (Did I mention it was early on Tuesday, Aug. 28? Heh. For example, here in southern California, the eclipse doesn't begin until 1:51am, and the Moon won't enter totality until 2:52am.) You can find eclipse information for your locality here at NASA's Eclipse Page.

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