Sunday, May 27, 2007

Spin-off: "OC Nature Picture of the Day"

In an effort to ensure that I am constantly learning the flora and fauna of my newly adopted territory, I present:

"Orange County Nature Picture of the Day"

The goal is to post a photograph of a new organism each day. If I have to skip days, then I have to make up for it at my soonest convenience by posting a bundle of photographs for however many days I missed.

This may seem like a recipe for insanity, especially for how busy I am, but the key to success is that I will only provide the name of the organism. Time permitting, I will perhaps include other relevant and interesting information (or at least a link to where such information can be found). As far as plant species go, I will probably stick to the more conspicuous ones at first. Both native and introduced species are fair game for blogging (they're of equal interest to me).

All photographs, unless otherwise noted, are taken by me.



Heather Lynn said...

Thanks Doug! This is really cool. Heather

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