Sunday, April 22, 2007

An Update

I've been fairly busy of late, thus no posts. But my life and mind have been fertile with respect to nature adventures and ideas, so I've got plenty brewing for future posts.

In the interrim, here's an update:

1. I had a week of no classes (Spring Break), and in some of that time I managed to do some intended thinking and reading about "ecology". It isn't prudent for me to share my (premature) thoughts, though here is an article about the meaning of "invasiveness" (e.g. plants) that I found really interesting.

2. my wife, parents, and oldest niece came for a visit last weekend. A great time was had by all. (Photo: On the left are Carrie & my Mom, treading cautiously through the treacherous tidal potholes; centered are Madeline and I, reenacting a scene from our favorite movie.)

My wife stayed for the week, and left yesterday to return to Champaign for her last extended stay!!! (Only six weeks now till she joins me in California!). To see photographs from their visit, go to:

And some miscellaneous photographs (mostly from Carrie's & my trip to San Diego Natural History Museum):

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